Gem Hunt is a destination built to engage and learn about fine jewelry. We are hunters and hustlers who stay on top of the trends, seek out the best brands, and connect with fabulous people who love fine jewelry. 

With over 150k followers, Gem Hunt now generates million's of impressions every month and has a very engaged tribe of jewelry lovers and followers.

Gem Hunt is a community and tribe of diamond lovers and jewelry fanatics who need one another to support their insatiable appetite for glitz, glamour and sharing their love of jewelry.


"People will stare at your ring but they won't ask you about it."

-Catherine Cason, Gem Hunt Founder

About the founder

Catherine Cason, a self-proclaimed jewelry addict, is the founder of Gem Hunt. She is a solo entrepreneur based in San Francisco.

She founded Gem Hunt in 2016 because she loved jewelry and couldn't find a community that really resonated with her. She started the site to feed her addiction, empower women, and change the way we talk about fine jewelry. As it happened, she found amazing people and designers who love jewelry just as much as she does and wanted to share their knowledge and stories with like-minded people.  Catherine found that the independent jewelers consistently delivered better quality and more interesting products. Gem Hunt only features indie jewelers. 

Catherine is passionate about changing the conversation around fine jewelry, especially diamonds. She believes it is old fashioned to think the man is supposed to pick out the diamond. She encourages women to know what they want and be vocal about their jewelry. 

Catherine created Gem Hunt to inspire a community of diamond and jewelry lovers.


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