Five Jewelry Predictions For 2016

Gem Hunt's Jewelry Predictions!

These are the top trends we will be talking about in 2016. 

No. 1 Moissanite will take charge

You can't ignore it more and more designers are working with Moissanite. This lab created gemstone is more brilliant than a diamond and harder than an emerald or a ruby a faction of the cost. Two of our favorite indie companies Heidi Gibson Designs and S.Kind & Co both offer Moissanite options that are gorgeous. 

No. 2 Lab diamonds get bigger

With Brilliant Earth expanding their selection and the launch of Diamond Foundry the lab diamond movement is growing. People are slowly getting over the stigma of a lab diamond, while some still abhor it swearing you can't get close to the same fire and sparkle inside the reality is they are not going away. 

No. 3 Indie jewelry entrepreneur

You can't throw a rock without hitting something to do with female entrepreneur - go #girlboss go! Same has spread the world of jewelry. We love hard working women working to share their love of jewelry with the world. We recommend you check out new up and coming brand Lehrkah

No. 4 More Opals

Australian opal is definitely trending and is popping up in many jewelry designers arsenal this year and we predict it will only continue to get bigger. The milky white colored opals from Australia are the style that is currently popular. These stones have a magical quality that varies inside from opaque to transparent. 

No. 5 Moonstones take flight

Moonstone are becoming the gem du jour for fine jewelry designs. Moonstones hold a special place in our heart as they have many symbolic meanings. They represent our connection the moon and is a talisman for lovers. These gems are also stunning with a soft opalescent sheen and a silvery white reflection. Paul Morelli is hands down one our favorite jewelry designers but we love him even more for his recent work with moonstones.

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