The Top 10 Engagement Rings Blowing Up Our Pinterest

We love Pinterest, it is one of the best places to go for engagement ring inspiration. I hope you are definitely following us at GemHuntSF on Pinterest so you can see all the rings that inspire me daily! Lately, Pinterest has been on fire with lots of love from fellow Gem Hunters - so I wanted to share the top ten most loved engagement rings from Gem Hunt on Pinterest. 

1. This step cut hexagon from our interview with Martin Katz has a special place in my heart because I adore step cuts but also this cut is very rare! 

2. Pear cuts always get lots of love but this juicy round bottomed pear with diamond pave underneath (yes that's what's going on there) is a combination of classic and unique from Milestones By Abc and my Chubby Pear Cuts round up.

3. Is another pear cut favorite from the Chubby Pear Cut round up and the ring is from Raymond Lee Jewelers. This ring is on my top dream rings list! It is a spectacular example of quality cut and shape. 

4. East-West settings, I can't get enough! This is a stunning ring from Shreve Crump, and Low that was featured in the East-West engagement ring article. I can certainly see why this eye candy is favorite on Pinterest!

5. A stunning shot of Stephanie Gottlieb rings (always a Gem Hunt favorite) that was from our interview with the founder of Beaumade (engagement ring try-on app, which features her stunning rings). 


6. Another super unique three stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring with pink diamond halo from our interview with Martin Katz. 

7. Our interview with Kamni of Designs by Kamni is a perennial favorite on Gem Hunt.  She makes stunning engagement rings and is definitely a go-to for inspiration. This amazing shot of some of her designs is one of our most-loved pins on Pinterest.

8. This vintage ring from Brilliant Earth is almost an exact match to Pippa Middleton's engagement ring. It was featured in a round up of asscher cut engagement rings inspired by Pippa's engagement. 

9. A stunning pear cut diamond engagement from another personal favorite jeweler Sam of @icerock_diamonds. I would definitely recommend reading his interview with Gem Hunt to learn more about the woking with a private jeweler. 

10. A beautiful pear cut engagement ring from Minimal VS a favorite jeweler of my mine that is on Etsy. For more Etsy engagement ring inspiration I would read this post with a round up of  20 Etsy jewelers.

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