10 Indie Designers For Super Special And Unique Engagement Rings

No big cookie cutter engagement ring retailers here! I have rounded ten super special, indie designers who make unique, beautiful, and made with love engagement rings to take your breath away. 

1. Everett is a lovely indie brand founded by Alexandra Cole out of New York city. Her jewelry is identified by clean settings but combined with unique stones. A great example of her work is this pear rose cut diamond solitaire ring (1.58 carat, $4,500) with a one of a kind gray diamond with red inclusions and a stunning four-prong rose gold setting. 

2. Dream Collective is a Los Angeles based brand by Kathryn Bentley. There is a casual sophistication to jewelry that super fresh by combining nods from both old and new world design. Best exemplified by the Octagon Ring ($9,200). A stunning rose cut diamond in the center surrounded by an opal inlay and a yellow gold setting. 

3. Natalie Marie is a favorite destination for feminine and modern fine jewelry out Sydney, Australia. Example, this precious cluster ring ($1,190). A lovely five stone cluster ring made out of topaz set in rose gold makes this ring a lovely engagement ring no one has seen before.

4. Lauren Wolf's designs are all her own from California. Inspired by travel, symbolism, and with and organic feel all her engagement rings are one of a kind. Shown here is her prism ring, a one of a kind three stone ring ($15,000)

4. Grace Lee's designs are dainty with detail. Her simple chic jewelry is made in Los Angeles and is the perfect balance of beauty plus function. The crown bezel ring ($1,585) shown here demonstrates her aesthetic. 

5. Yasuko Azuma born of Japanese heritage, now a New Yorker with a fashion background. Her unique one of a kind jewels have precious details and organic feel. Perfect for someone who wants an engagement with a rich feel but subtle look.  I love this 1.75 carat light gray engagement ring.

6. Graziela Gems has a lot of super unique designs especially using baguette cut diamonds which are a personal favorite of mine. The line was founded by Graziela Kaufman, born is Brazil but currently a Chicago resident. She has an eye for fashion and picking unique gemstones. I adore engagement ring which features artfully arranged baguette diamonds with a diamond halo. 

7. WWAKE is a super cool jewelry brand founded by the New York Wing Yau. Their rings play with space and negative space to create a fresh feel on jewelry. This nestled rose cut ring ($1,242) is a perfect example of their cool designs. 

8. Fox and Bond is a very cool brand and great destination for jewelry shopping. They restore and refresh antique jewelry as well have a line of vintage inspired jewels. As a result, they an amazing collection unique engagement rings. Case in point, this major moi et. toi engagement ring ($3,150). 

9. Nora Kogan is a great go-to for sexy and creative jewelry based out New York City. She definitely one of my go-to's for amazing design and significant details that make her pieces unbeatable. Her temptress ring ($7,260) featured here showcases her eye for design and unique details. 

10. Elizabeth Street Jewelry, the designer was born and raised in New Orleans and you can definitely see that influence int he textures with her designs. All the jewelry is now made in Los Angeles and has an imprefect, perfect feel I can't get enough of! I love this rose gold diamond ring ($1,250) for its combination of raw and refined and bonus her rose gold color metal is just stunning.  

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