Gift Guide: 10 Fine Jewelry Pieces Under $1,000

In the second gift guide of the season, I have focused on fine jewelry items under $1,000. I have rounded up some really lovely, unique, and special jewelry pieces at this price point. This is the perfect gift guide to look to find that something special for someone you love in your life.

1. Fred and Far Mini Self Love Pinky Ring ($275) - give a gift with meaning with this ring from for a brand favorite Fred and Far. I love this slimmed down version of the original pinky ring set with a lovely ruby in yellow gold. When you buy a self-love pinky ring you are promising to honor and love yourself a message we can all get behind. 

2. Everett Iris Ruby Necklace ($570) - I love this look of a delicate chain with firey rubies to make a subtle but statement piece.  

3. Stephanie Gottlieb Gold Band with Pave Line ($490) -  this wide almost men's style gold ring with pave diamonds is super chic and modern to add to your ring game. 

4. Ruta Reifen Sapphire Row Studs ($460) - I adore Ruta Reifen jewelry for her fun and detailed jewels and these sapphire studs are no exception. 

5. Alexandra and Jules Yellow Gold Bracelet ($700) - love this brand's high quality jewels made in Los Angeles, this chain link bracelet would be the perfect addition to any arm party. 

6. Marrow Fine Gold and Diamond Stud ($198) -  these triangle studs from Marrow Fine come in a variety of different mediums like black diamonds, opals, and turquoise. They are great price point and super fun to mix and match to spice up your ear game.

7. Rocks and Gems Signet Gold Starbrust Ring ($900) - pinky rings are very trendy right now and I have been coveting signet ring, this one from Rocks and Gems is a great one and super unique with the starburst diamond designs.

8. Nora Kogan Alexandra Ring ($390) - this ring is a classic from Nora and she is one of my favorite designers. This detailed snake ring is a must have item. 

9. Lauren Joy Mini Necklace With White Gold and Diamonds ($275) - delicate diamond necklaces are always a good idea and this one fits the bill at a great price. 

10. Lauren Wolf Yellow Rutilated Quartz Earrings ($625)  -  rutilated quartz is amazing for its uniqueness and visual interest combined with a signature Lauren Wolf setting these earings are sure winners. 

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