Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For The Jewelry Lover

Kicking off the Gem Hunt gift guides for the holiday season with my personal favorite - jewelry themed gifts for the jewelry lover. Sometimes jewelry lovers can put the bling acquisitions on hold and enjoy some jewelry accessories and themed items to express their love. I have rounded up 10 of my favorite gift idea's here for you in this vein.

1. Reena Ahluwalia Diamond Prints (set of two $345). Reena is a preeminent diamond portrait artist as well as an amazing jeweler. Her actual paintings can set you back a pretty penny but if you aren't ready for those she sells stunning prints at a fraction of the price. If you would like to learn more about her and her art you can read our interview here

2. The Mrs Box ($75), should be a qunientssional part of any jewelry lovers wardrobe. It is the gold standard of a ring box to hold your engagement ring. 

3. Modern Mud Ceramic Ring Holder ($42) - good ring holders are hard to come by and I love the ones from Modern Mud that feel like a mini piece of art to help hold your rings in the right place.

4. Stoned by Aja Raden ($12.23) - most definitely the jewelry book of the year, this witty and historical account of jewelry history and how we relate to it will be fascinating to any gem addict. 

5. Custom Engagement Ring Portrait from Jessie Kuruc ($150) - Jessie is a favorite of my mine and these hand painted ring portraits are an amazing gift for someone to celebrate their engagement. You can learn more about her and her art in our interview here.

6. Bling Wipes ($12.95) - I never leave home without my Bling Wipes! There is nothing worse than being out and about with a dirty diamond, and these Bling Wipes are the perfect quick fix that any diamond lover should always roll with.

7. Parker Thatch Traveling Jewelry Box ($58) - traveling safely and chicly with your jewelry is something super important to me and I adore this traveling jewel case from Parker Thatch. 

8. Angie Crabtree Satin Emerald Cut Pillow ($85) - Angie is an incredible artist that has been interviewed for the blog. Additionally, she recently has launched a few products with her signature artwork that are an amazing and great way to add some unique diamond love to your home.

9. Diamond Shape Ice Cube Tray from Urban Outfitters ($14) - I love the idea of creating sparkling diamond themed cocktails with these diamond shaped ice cubes. 

10. Holly Fox Designs Gem Sugar Cookies ($48) - the Gem Hunt slogan is Eat Diamonds and what better way to get your daily dose of sparkle than to eat diamond cookies! I adore these chic and yummy sugar cookies from Holly Fox.

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