To Choker Or Not To Choker

It's impossible not to notice that the Kardashian's have basically brought back the 90s trend of the choker. I feel like I have seen it so much now, my resistance to this trend has lowered. So I decided to see what out there in the fine jewelry market and rounded up something interesting and palatable options. Luckily the fine jewelry designers have followed this trend and served up some beautiful and sparkly chokers. I would love to hear what you all think of chokers? Are you jumping on the bangwagon and coveting one?

1. Elie Saab Crystal Studded Choker ($565), love this thick velvet band, with crystals held in place with gold hardware. Is a great way to wear your crystal vibes.

2. Jacquie Aiche Shaker Diamond Choker ($5,375), love this delicate gold chain with 27 diamonds on it. A super luxe way to wear a choker. 

3. Paula Mendoza Gold Choker ($350), love this repeated bar technique in a gold choker feels luxe and elevated. 

4. Carbon and Hyde Rosette Choker ($2,760), this delicate diamond and gold choker, feels like the perfect choker for someone just starting out on this trend. 

5. Liven and Co. Crescent Moon Choker ($398), love the vibes on this crescent moon with hand-set diamonds on a luxe leather choker.

6. Shay Full Pave Diamond Choker (8,190), love this choker! It feels like such a luxe way to wear this trend. Bonus - Shay Fine jewelry has lots of choker designs if you are looking for one.

7. Chains and Pearls Third Eye Choker ($1,920), wear your third eye with this leather choker.

8. Ruby Stella Diamond Bead Choker ($1,300), this choker is a subtle and sparkly way to wear this trend. 

9. Fred and Far Wrap Yourself In Love Choker ($175), a stylish and cool option from the awesome brand out of Los Angeles: Fred and Far. This definitely gives off cool girl vibes, bonus it comes with a fabulous self-love message. 

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