Five Most Read Articles Of 2016

2016 was really Gem Hunt's coming out year. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of you for reading, enjoying and connecting with me and Gem Hunt. You help keep it alive and motivate me every day to keep on hunting diamonds. In celebration of all this, here are the top five most read articles, enjoyed by all the Gem Hunt readers this year. You might want to revisit your favorites, or take a moment enjoy a new one you missed!

1. The number most read of the year was "Stephanie Gottlieb's Engagement Ring - An Expose", this was a deep dive into one of the most famous and coveted engagement rings on Instagram. 

2. The number two most read article was a highly educational post, Lab Diamonds Vs. Real Diamonds by guest Danielle of Little Bird Engagement Ring Consultants

3. The number three most read article was "Interview With Social Media Manager Daniella Capodilupo of Raymond Lee Jewelers" this was a fun behind the scenes with the social media manager of Raymond Lee Jewels who runs a collective of Instagram accounts of over 200k followers.  

4. The number four most read article was getting to know one of my favorite private jewelers from Los Angeles "@Icerock_diamonds Los Angeles's Best Private Jeweler".

5. The fifth most read article in 2016 was an interview with a jewelry idol, "Martin Katz - Interview With The Engagement Ring Master".