Diamond Quickie With Paco Art of Hong Kong

Big diamonds are perhaps our favorite species so speak of diamonds (we did a write a post in which we said we like big diamonds and we cannot lie) and our second fascination would be the Asian diamond market. Have you seen the documentary Red Obsession about the exploring wine market in Asia? We feel that way about diamonds. So we got a chance to get the Gem Hunt exclusive on some diamond video's from Paco Art, a diamond company located in Hong Kong that specializes in the best of the best.

If you are like us you are probably already following their instagram account which is a a primer on what sells in the Asian Market. Large diamonds, fancy colors, and fancy cuts. Straight from the horses mouth Paco Art tells us most of their regional clients see their diamonds as investments for generations to come and an essential part of the consumers desire to acquire luxury goods. 

Shown here 20+ carat yellow, 10+ carat cushion cut, two 8+ carat radiant cuts and a 7+ carat pink diamond. 

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