Nicole of Ring Concierge Jewels Of The Day

We recently introduced a series with Stephanie Gottlieb called weekday jewels. The premise is that JOTD (jewels of the day) is our answer the fashion blogger's OOTD. We love jewelry but we want to bring more attention to people's personal collections and how they style it on an everyday basis and encourage people to enjoy their jewelry!

This week we are featuring the lovely Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge in New York. She does bespoke engagement rings and just recently launched and online shop with lots of fashionable and unique pieces. She loves the sparkle of a well cut diamond and stacks her rings on almost every finger but doesn't forget the essentials like stylish earrings and bracelets (we wouldn't either if we had that many diamond tennis bracelets - see below). She has a serious "thing" for gold jewelry and we love how she mixed modern and more classic designs in her JOTD with Gem Hunt. 

Day 1 Today I wanted to create a soft spring look to compliment my pastel blue coat, I mixed rose and white gold jewelry. I always love an excuse to wear my five row diamond ring and rose gold claw ring.

Day 2 News flash: pearls are not just for your grandma. I’m really into mixing pearls and yellow gold lately. I can’t get enough of my double ended pearl ring and Melanie Casey’s leaf band is perfect for spring.

Day 3 Today I needed a look that transitioned seamlessly from day to night. So I selected my rectangle drop earrings and stacked three tennis bracelets to add some extra bling.

Day 4 Today I was feeling pink accessories, to add a cool-factor I layered on gold jewelry. I love Melanie Casey’s thin gold and diamond cuffs. They appear very delicate but because she handmakes them, they’re actually extremely durable. And I always end up throwing on one of my best-selling diamond X rings. Honestly, an X ring completes every look.

Day 5 My latest obsession is Amy Nordstrom’s handmade gold cuffs. They’re so comfortable to wear and make such a major statement. Also, the neck cuff is a really easy way to incorporate the choker trend into your wardrobe.

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