Vintage Harry Winston Ads

If you have been following Gem Hunt's instagram and the answer is yes ma'am I am following you. You know every morning we like to post an inspirational photo under the #diamondsforbreakfast. As of late, we have been serving a serious obsession with vintage Harry Winston advertising. We decieded they were too good that we had to share some favorites on our blog. 

Let's start with this girl shall we? Stunning beauty, perfectly shaped lips but she has a marquise cut diamond for a third eye? Our head just exploded; because we love diamonds (like obviously) but we have serious new age tendencies. I mean talk about east meets west. For those not in the know the third eye a symbol thought history of enlightenment and the suggestion of diamond enlightenment we love.

Next up, we have a massive emerald cut radiating it's power over New York city at night and the Twin Towers in the background. The message is empowering and strong, a Harry Winston diamond is the guiding sparkly light protecting the city. 

The last one, is a personal favorite. We have a beautiful women lying prone looking up with longing at a stunning piece of Harry Winston jewelry. Whether it is a blue diamond or a nod to a sapphire we are not really sure, but we sense the message is the jewelry is the objective of the women's thoughts and longing or perhaps is it her guiding light? Or is it protector as she navigates the world...we will leave it at that.

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