Stephanie Gottlieb's Jewels Of The Day

There are plenty of fashion bloggers out there flaunting their OOTD but for us how people stack them is our equivalent. So we thought would start a new trend JOTD (jewels of the day) our throwdown to the famous OOTD. We couldn't think of someone better to kick this series off with than Stephanie Gottlieb because she stacks them better than anyone else and has an amazing collection of jewels. So enjoy a work week in Stephanie's jewels. We are pretty sure all those diamonds would make any kind of work you do better.

Day 1 I’ve been really into pinky rings lately, so you’ll see that I wear one almost every day now!  I also tend to wear rings on every finger, as long as I know I’m not exercising that day.  Today I wore my rainbow stacks, wavy two-finger ring with wedding band, Alexa Leigh Love is Love ring, Shay Baguette pinky ring, and basic pave stack bands.

Day 2 I wanted to mix White and Rose Gold today, so I wore my new Triple V pinky ring and Starburst ring in White Gold, and kept the other bands simple in Rose.


Day 3 I went with all Rose Gold pieces today. My double bar band, Vivian Ring, a new charm pinky ring, and some basic stack bands.

Day 4 Rose and Red was the theme today! Matching my jewels to my nails was a “happy accident”! The Snake Pinky ring with Ruby eyes looked great with my Ruby Wrap-Around ring. And then I always tend to wear my Ray ring with the same squared stack bands because I love how the flash of the baguettes in the Mini Ray and the Ray band look next to each other.

Day 5 More pinky rings!! The two oval signet rings by Garland Collection are my new favorites! I love wearing them stacked, because why not! But they look great alone, and they’re super comfortable! The other bands are some of my Groovy band, simple pave stack rings, and my Starburst.

Want to know about Stephanie? You can learn more about her in our interview here. Interested in purchasing her amazing jewels? You can find them at her website

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