@ChampagneGem Picks Her Favorite Diamonds From Geneva

We usually don’t get all excited about the high auction market for diamonds but the most recent auction in Geneva just had too many amazing diamonds that were couldn’t help but get swept up in all the hoopla. We are bringing you the inside track from the one and only Bebe of @champagnegem who had a front row seat with the diamonds. Because we have slightly masochistic tendencies we made Bebe pick which one’s were her favorites and yes rank her top three. If you want to know how a diamond pro determines which multi-million dollar she likes best, I would read the rest of this post.

Number Three: The Pohl Diamond: 36.09ct magical Asscher cut part of collection of H.S.H Gabriela Princess zu Leinningen again offered at Christie’s May 18 sale. This exceptional D VVS1 (potentially Internally Flawless) diamond was made from a part of a rough 287ct diamond that was sold to Bernice Chrysler Garbisch in 1943, and later acquired for the Princess at Cartier in 1988. This diamond sold for $4.3 million.

Number Two: The Oppenheimer Blue; A superb 14.62ct fancy vivid blue diamond, another rarity presented by Christie’s that became a favorite of mine the minute I held it. The intensity of color and vividness is so mesmerizing that you can dive into! It became the most expensive diamond ever sold at any auction by fetching $57.5 million.

Number One: The Unique Pink; an extraordinary 15.38ct Pear shaped Fancy Vivid Pink diamond. To me fancy vivid pink diamonds are the ultimate rarity and one of the natures most spectacular gifts to us…from their complex formation to the color and hue that they exhibit. Attending the Sotheby’s auction, experiencing the vibe of selling such diamond and being present to see the most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever sold in auction for $31.5 million.

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