Astarr Jewelry Concierge Calls The Fine Jewelry Trends

Fine jewelry is not just about those big rocks (although those are good too), but also about how your present your sense of fashion and style to world. We partnered up with New Yorker's Amber and Allison who have an eye for trends at the helm of of their Jewelry Concierge business Astarr. These ladies love diamonds will be your guides in this vast world. Bonus, they will keep a wish list for your, so your man knows exactly what to buy for special occasions (we have a just few things that would be on that list).

From these fashionable New Yorkers and diamond lovers here are a few way to up your jewelry game this year.

Layering and the lariat - the Y necklace has made a big comeback and it is the perfect gem to layer with your other necklaces. Paired with a button down or t-shirt it can make you look sexy with the long part of the necklace draped inside your shirt. We suggest you choose a shape that off sets your other necklaces so it will stand out from the bunch.

Stick Earrings - it is all about the long drop earring. Pull your hair up in a pony or bun and show off something sparkly that dangles. The sticks are big this season and we love how easy they are to layer with other earrings to make a fashion statement. Have some fun, mix and match with other earrings you have lying around in your drawer.

Bangles with a shape - we fell in love with the new bangle shapes from square to pointed as they are perfect for layering all together, to mix in with your other bracelets or pair back to your watch. 

Brought to you by Astarr Jewelry Concierge 

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