Asscher Cut Engagement Ring Inspiration

Asscher Cuts are clearly having a moment (thanks Pippa Middleton's and congrats on your engagement!). We are pretty big fans of asscher cuts at Gem Hunt HQ. We like them because when you are looking into an asscher cut it is like looking into infinity at that perfect point at the bottom. Asscher cuts are great for someone looking for a fancy cut that are also very classic. They where popularized during one of our favorite time periods for jewelry - the Art Deco movement. This is a great cut to consider for someone who likes quiet sophistication. So we searched high and low to bring you some of our favorite asscher cut engagement rings out there so we can all dream of being Pippa Middleton or just admire this stunning cut.

First - a stunning fancy deep orange yellow asscher cut engagement ring from Lang Antiques. Weighing in at 3.65 carats for the center diamond and .5 carats of trapezoid diamonds flanking it. This three stone setting is one of our favorites for an asscher cut because it creates a hall of mirrors effect that is simply stunning. 

Second - this asscher cut diamond with a split prong setting from Three Graces Jewelry mixes the strength of the asscher with a the romance of the spilt shank setting with diamond band. 

Third - a beautiful 2.36 asscher cut from Jewels By Grace. What we like about this ring is the contrast between the strength of an asscher cut with the feminine setting and it is also the perfect size for someone looking for something substantial but not too big.

Fourth - the most like Pippa Middleton's ring with the asscher cut surrounded by a halo of baguette cut diamonds. This ring a classic example of an Art Deco structured setting with an asscher cut diamond. The center diamond is 3.05 carats and with a total weight of 4.35 carats this a stunning asscher cut from Brilliant Earth that would not go unnoticed. 

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