Five Favorite Estate Jewels From Gleem & Co.

It’s no secret I love estate jewelry and I could spend hours paging through the assortment on Gleem. One of the reasons, I love estate jewelry is it always holds the promise of something not only unique but also something that has been loved with a history. Owning a piece of estate jewelry, means you get the chance to not only keep that memory alive but also make new ones.

Gleem has some great options that got me dreaming about what could be so I rounded up five of my favorites:

Rough Cut Diamond and Ruby Crocodile Ring $2,085

The only thing to call this crocodile ring is amazing! Crocodiles represent fierce protection which is definitely what I would feel if I was rocking this ring. Set with a total 3.58 carats of rough diamonds and complete with ruby eyes. This ring is the prefect talisman for a female warrior and my favorite piece Gleem has right now.

Old European Cut Platinum and Diamond Ring $2,720

I have really been craving a pointer finger ring. Wearing a ring on your pointer finger is a symbol of empowerment especially for women. I have been looking for something with an elongated shaped that would look elegant on this finger and this ring fits the bill. With a total carat weight of 1.03 this rings design is not only beautiful but proud. 

Fancy Pink Diamond Heart Ring $12,950

This ring is definitely crown jewel that Gleem has right now. Pink diamonds are the rarest color of diamonds in the world and are highly coveted. I also have a thing for tiny but mighty gems and this .21 carat pink diamond is the perfect example. This ring is the perfect expression of true love or self love for it’s future owner. 

1960’s Opal, Diamond, and Platinum Ring $2,480

One of the trends I called this year was opals and I am particularly enamored with them when surrounded by diamonds. This picture doesn’t do it justice but opals and diamonds just play the light off each other in a way that is magic. This large opal surrounded with 1.10 carats of diamonds is the perfect example of this trend.

Art Deco Platinum, Diamond, and Sapphire Ring $11,565

This ring is the perfect right hand ring. I love these two gorgeous step cut sapphires set in platinum and surround by diamonds. This is a classic Art Deco piece with the play of color and structure combined. I would be proud to rock this my right hand ring any day of the week.

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