The Cut Of Diamond That Is Totally Trending Right Now - Emerald Cut

Admittedly I didn't used to be a huge be a huge emerald cut diamond fan but as of lately there are several emerald cut that have caught my eye and I have very much warmed up to them. One of my current favorites is from our must read expose into @thejeweldiary's engagement ring. Her stunning 4 carat + ring will definitely steal your heart! I am not the only one loving emerald cuts, according to our sources so is everyone else right now! Emerald cut diamonds are the most trending cut of diamond.

A little lesson on emerald cuts. They are stones whose outlines are rectangular and whose facets are arranged in a parallel girdle known also known as a step cut. These stones often have their corners truncated because sharp corners on a diamond are points of weakness. Emerald cuts can come in a variety of length to width ratios - long and skinny or almost square like and asscher cut. An emerald cut has 58 facets and will carry less flash than a round cut but it known for its more subtle and understand look and feel. 

In honor of emerald cuts, I have rounded up a few of my current favorites for sale.

1.. Brilliant Earth Palomino Ring ($99,000) a stunning an example of a more elongated emerald cut. Weighing in at 7 carats, with a total of 8.40 carats with a baguette side diamond setting.

2. Art Deco Emerald Cut Engagement Ring from Erstwhile Jewelry (price upon request), the opposite example the ring before this emerald cut looks almost square like an asscher cut demonstrating that emerald cuts can come in different ratios. This diamond ring weighs in at 1.03 carats and is from circa 1925. Important to note that emerald cuts are a favorite of the Art Deco Era in the 1920s.

3. Emerald Cut Engagement Ring from Single Stone ($9,500) with a total of 1.26 carats. I adore what is a called and east west setting (where you see the diamond set horizontal) for an emerald cut. I think it looks so fresh and clean in this gold setting. 

4. Emerald Cut Engagement Ring from Lang Antiques ($72,500), this stunning 4 carat emerald cut is an great example of the classic beauty of an emerald cut engagement ring. I love the simple diamond band that really showcases this beautiful diamond. 

5. Moissanite and Diamond Engagement Ring Emerald Cut from Etsy Vendor Penelli Belle (price upon request). A fresh and romantic take on an emerald cut engagement set in rose gold.

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