20 Wedding Bands You Will Love

Picking a wedding band can be a tricky situation, so I have rounded up some suggestions that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy my picks!

1. Era Jewelry Seventh Brick Brigade Ring ($605) - baguettes are always a good idea this design from Era Jewelry is winner and a great price. 

2. Maejean Vintage White Gold Diamond Wedding Band ($325) - this is a sweet wedding band from the 1950s featuring four .01 carat diamonds. 

3. Nixin Diamond Wedding Band ($1,175) - I adore this modern style wedding band with diamonds all the way around it. 

4. Mark Broumamd Marquise Cut Wedding Band ($2,895) - with a total of 1 carat of diamonds set east-west all the round. I love the look of these marquise cuts in this unique style.

5. Sofia Kaman Cracked Diamond Wedding Band ($3,200) - this band is straight stunning with these delicately set pave diamonds that are set as if spilling over the band.

6. Marrow Fine Triangle Band ($1,000) - these triangle nesting bands can make any stack super fly in a moment.

7. Filigree Gold Wedding Band ($830) - I have a soft spot for filigree wedding bands and this one fits the bill. 

8. Mociun Slim Diamond Band ($850) - I love this band has just a hint a diamonds on a classic looking style.  

9. Tura Sugden Channel Set Diamond Band ($2,900) - I love the combo on this band of the champagne diamonds with rose gold.

10. Jennifer Dawes Three Baguette Diamond Band ($2,375) - this step cut baguette band would be a lovely addition to any stack. 

11. Gardens Of The Sun Hidden Gems Band ($150) - I recently did an interview on Meri the founder of the brand and she is a real treasure but, her rings are also a treasure I adore the both the name and design of this band.

12. Blue Sapphire Stones Pink Sapphire Band ($389) - with a lovely small pink diamond sapphire weighing .10 this band has the perfect flash of feminity.

13. Minimal VS Thin Open Wedding Band ($350) - open bands are definitely a 2017 trend and I adore this one made from gold and tanzanite.

14. La More Design Vintage Half Entirety Band ($698) - this band has a beautiful vintage vibe with a mixture of diamonds and milgrain work.

15. Brilliant Earth Five Stone Wedding Band ($1,590) - five stone bands are classic and this one from Brilliant Earth has a total carat weight of .46.

16. Alex Seeling Diamond Stacking Rings ($715) - the perfect stackers are always in need for any a wedding stack and these ones measure up.

17. Emilio Jewelry Diamond And Gold Band ($3,500) - this band feels fun and bubbly with diamonds and a total carat weight of 1.6)

18. Gemvara Sydney Band ($2,170) - this is a fun eternity style with channel set diamonds and stunning rose gold.

19. Graff Diamond and Gold Wedding Band ($4,500) - I love the design of this band with a total of 1 carat of diamonds in it. 

20. Cartier Diamond And Gold Wedding Band ($7,500) - a classic wedding band with three rows of pave diamonds set in yellow gold.

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