A Work Week In The Life Of Gem Corps Jewelry - Real Women, Real Jewelry

Sometimes you meet people and you can just feel their genuine passion for life and in this case jewelry. Nia of the instagram account @gemcorps has that passion in spades. Every time we have seen her she is pretty much rocking full ring stacks (we are talking like every finger people) of various of assortments of gem and jewels that you just can't resist going - what is that! what is the story behind that ring? etc. A natural fit for our real jewelry, real women feature here at Gem Hunt. We are excited to share with you a work week in life of @gemcorps jewelry wardrobe. 

You have such passion for jewelry — tell us why!

I must have been a bird in a past life! No, but really, aside from the sparkle and gleam, it ceases to fascinate me that gemstones and precious metals were formed from thousands to millions of years of earth’s creativity. Then, another combination of organic and soul power, humans, wielded it to create adornments, talismans, statements. It just blows my mind. All out of stardust, we are.

How do you go about picking your jewelry for each day?

It’s a process. A quick gut-check, but somehow well thought out. Factors include: neckline, hair-do (up or down), color-scheme, who I’m going to see, the day’s activities and what I need, metaphysically speaking, from a particular gemstone.

What are the pieces you wear everyday regardless?

Opal is my *spirit animal*, so I’m always wearing some opal — on my fingers or wrists. It’s not jewelry per se, but I selected it because it’s the most jewelry-looking of the fitness trackers, my Jawbone UP2. Got to get those steps in, or the jewelry won’t (rings anyway) always fit!

Day 1 — Green Means GO: Well, in this case it meant STOP and take a picture. “Miss Australia’s” ( my opal) flashiness has been stacking well with steadfast owl. They’re BFFs. The “old sparkles” on my middle and ring fingers are in the form of an Art Deco pear-shape and an Edwardian loyalty band.

Day 2 — Since my second wedding anniversary, I’ve been changing out my Ceylon sapphire engagement ring for the anniversary gift, “Miss Australia (my opal ring)." She fits perfectly inside of my contoured diamond band. Sometimes the little opal likes company, so I slide on this Indian-made diamond band. The pearl cluster is from my sister-friend, Lauree — another gem freak.

Day 3 — Diamonds and pearls — okay. I’m more of a denim and pearls woman — I like the dichotomy of the two. My husband’s uncles turned me onto Paspaley (pearls), so I strung up this baroque beauty, with a vintage ‘80’s double gold chain. The fleur-de-lis seed pearl pin is Victorian. How I love the old stuff!

Day 4 — My neckwear habits are coming around 360. I used to wear three or more necklaces at a time during my publicist days and when the career path changed so did my wardrobe, but now I’m starting to layer them on again. The top “PIYAA” is an “in memoriam” piece I had made in downtown LA after my kitty crossed the rainbow bridge and the mano fico is a newer acquisition that reminds me so much of my Grandma’s gold and onyx necklaces. Now, she was a consistent layerer. It’s a way of me keeping my loved ones close to me.

Day 5 — Colour. The UK spelling with that extra vowel just carries more weight. Colour — I love it! The power! It’s my armour somedays. This day I piled on my vintage opal flower bombs, the Victorian sapphire +diamonds and the Russian turquoise “Tsarina” ring. I felt unstoppable.

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