Shop Gem Hunt Rings Under $3,000

This volume of Shop Gem Hunt Is Closed

There is a lot interest in rings under $3,000 because this a great price point! I have some great ones in my current pop-up shop with Under The Crown so I wanted to do a round-up of some my favorites to make shopping easy for everyone!

1. Azalea Three Stone Diamond Ring ($2,800) - this ring has a yellow gold setting with romantic engravings and total of 1.1 carats that are super sparkly.  

2. Daisy Square Top Cluster Ring ($2,970) - this ring is a sparkle bomb, a classic cluster ring that weighs in at 1.25 carats total.

3. Peony Rose Cut Cluster Ring ($2,950) - is absolute winner. Her old euopean cut center stone and rose cut diamond halo go to together like peanut butter and jelly. This ring sparkles with the life of a new ring, but is over a hundred years old and is just waiting someone to take her on her next journey.

4. Tansy Bezel Set Old Cushion Cut Diamond ($2,900) - this old cushion cut diamond speaks the wisdom of the years before her in sublte facets that sparkle with a knowning eye.

5. Aster Princess Cut Wedding Band ($1,140) - this babe of ring boasts .40 carats of diamonds in a half circle within a well-made channel setting. 

5. Bellflower Sapphire Navette Ring ($1950) - Navette rings are hot, hot, hot when it comes to jewelry trends and this one packs a powerful punch. Dating back to the 1950's with an oval cut sapphire that is just over a carat at 1.02  - this ring is the perfect vintage way to capture this trend. 

These rings are only available in Shop Gem Hunt until 2/28, then they are gone forever. You can also try the rings on virtually in the Beaumade App for IOS.